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​These are some of the people that have helped me get to where I am today. Check out their stuff and see what they do.

Slighly obsessed with pandas, but there's nothin wrong with that. Super cute is what she does, and she does it amazingly well. She has also put up with me for over 8 years, and that's even more amazing. 




Street talk is all that comes out of this guys face. I'm amazed that he even talks to me. He is a beast with illustrator and  surprisely funny, mostly. You gotta check out his art and Seven Oh Five videos. Don't pay attention to the other 2 goof balls, Timmy Chow is the best.

Mana Studios

I've been working with Jay and the Mana Studios gang for almost 10 years now. They've done all of the molding and casting for my projects. They have an amazing crew that can do any sculpting, molding, casting, and paint that you might need. 

Hyperactive Monkey

I used to be this guys boss, if you can believe that. Jerome and I used to split booths at conventions to save cash. Now we've made so much stuff that we can't cram it all into one booth. 



Toy Break

George and Ayleen stopped by our very 1st booth at AX in 2009 and have been very supportive ever since. They do an amazing job making, reviewing, and promoting all kinds of cool stuff. They even let me swing by and show off some of my stuff. 




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