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2013-2014 Conventions

These are the conventions that we'll have booths at in the near future. Along with a little description of how I see the shows. Show dates and booth numbers will be posted as soon as the info is available.
When / Where:​

Date and Location TBD

When / Where:

Pasadena, California

Nov. 9 (Saturday) : 9 am - 6 pm
Nov. 10 (Sunday) : 9 am - 5 pm

D-Con 2013

Designer Con is the best little Con to meet and support independant artists. Low tickets costs means you can buy more and now on both Saturday and Sunday. Woohoo! EXCLUSIVES: SpankyStokes Mini 10-Doh! - Ante Ups debut, Woohoo! again.

When / Where:​

San Diego, California

San Diego Convention Center

Date: TBD

When / Where:​

Available first at the Cons on a "first come, first served" basis. Any remaining figures will be at soon after the con ends.

D-Con 2014

Same great Con, just a year later. Ha.

When / Where:​

Los Angeles, California

LA Convention Center

July 3rd-6th

When / Where:​

Pasadena, California

Date and Location TBD

WonderCon 2014

SDCC little sister, or brother. WonderCon started up in San Francisco, but has been in Anaheim for the past 2 years. Just don't expect any free local parking. Thanks for nothin' Disneyland.

Anime Expo 2014

Get ready for a Cosplay Extravaganza. Seems that lots of attendees spend their money on their costumes, badges, parking, and food, It can be a tough show for exhibitors, and theives abound.

SDCC 2014

The biggest and baddest Con of them all, but also  high dollar. You are sure to get plenty of free stuff from all of the Fat Cat Companies, but try to remember that the Con Exclusives aren't the only thing to buy.

Con Exclusives

We don't do exclusives for every show, but they'll be listed above once they are revealed.

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